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02-02-2013, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by PoltinSens View Post
Has anyone else thought about trading Anderson??

His value may never be higher after the start he has had to the season.
Lehner is ready. He almost won the job out of camp and if not for andersons hot start he might have been the starter already.

A good team with goalie issues might be willing to give up an awful lot for him.

It might seem like giving up on the season but with the injuries to cowen and spezza it seems this season is doomed anways. if we could get a top 4 d or top 6 forward or even a top 15 first rounder i would be all for it.

i think its worth discussion at the very least
we've discussed it and decided that trading andy is not something we want to do. it's not like he's way better than last year. he is player better, but he was outstanding last season as well. we should expect andy's numbers to come back to earth some, but with spezza out, will we play such an offensively oriented game? we don't have to fire power to continue as hard as we have. i think we'll play (i feel we've seen it a bit already) more defensively. that should help andy's numbers out a bit. add on methot's defensive play and benoit's expert shot blocking (), and his numbers might not come down as much as people think. i think he's the perfect goalie to keep and mentor lehner.

Originally Posted by General Granny View Post

They gave up a 1st for Neuvirth.
news to me

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