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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
I think it depends on the mood. If the owner & Snow buy the story that Vis just wanted to stay because of his family which was minor surgery for his son then they will slot him back in as long as things are sunny. If they don't, then I think he will be moved.

I am split on this, and I suspect the Isles are considering all their options. With Strait playing well and Vis only having this season committed to us with a 99.9% chance he won't return Garth would be an idiot not to consider moving him. With the way injuries are playing out, and the way defensemen are in higher demand than normal, the market is there to make moving Viz attractive.

A month ago I would have said someone was crazy if they suggested we could get our second round pick back for him, all things considered. Now I know we can get that and maybe more particularly if he welcomed the idea of going someplace with a stronger playoff contender, and maybe more so if it was on the West Coast. If he comes back, plays well, and stops being a sour puss in the media he gains a little more value.

I'd say the chance to move him right now stands at 50/50.
From Vis comments, it sure sounds like Wang was supportive and the front office is taking a alls good attitude.
Q: What welcome do you expect in NY after the suspension?

A: I'll let myself be surprised, but I think it won't be simple. The fans aren't certainly happy, and I know what I'm coming to, what I've caused, but on the other hand I have to say that they don't see what family situation I have been in. There will certainly be some interviews with the media, where I'll try to explain, and I hope they will understand. The owner of the club told be that he would have done the same as I, family comes first, and he knows that I've played a lot in my life and that he would have protected the family first as well.

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