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02-02-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by FVM View Post
Just finished watching the game. That was ugly as hell. Some notes:

- Boudreau's Ducks play the puck possession game. When it works like it did today it is beautiful to watch. I'm not ready to turn on Yeo yet but I do wonder why do the Wild have such a poor possession game? Tonight was a perfect example - just a dump after a dump after a dump. How about passing it between teammates for a change??

- Dany Heatley, what the hell? You whiffed on the puck a dozen times tonight. Your forecheck is a joke. Come on, earn your paycheck man!
I have wondered this as well. Is it the coaching? The players? Do neither of them know how to cycle? Occasionally they will have some good possession. But for most of the games the play seems sloppy. 1 connected pass and then they lose the puck. They spend most the game trying to get the puck back.

I agree on Heatley too. I've said this before, and some don't value it as much as I do. But we need more speed in the top 6. Parise is fine, he's the kind of player I want in the top 6. Seto is fast but some would argue he's more of a 3rd liner. Cullen has speed but that's about it. Granlund has decent speed but is struggling in other areas to make him effective. But Koivu and Heatley are slow. To have an effective attack speed is very important. For rushes up the ice and for dump and chase. What's the point of dumping the puck in when the defenseman gets there first everytime.

But with that said I think our first line can still be good. I just wish they would forecheck more. Last night a Duck's defenseman had the puck behind the net with another defenseman near the hash marks along the boards. Parise was forechecking while Koivu and Heatley were spinning around in circles near the blue line. The defenseman behind the net passes to the other dfenseman and he bobbles it. Now if someone else had been forechecking that could have been a turnover. But instead that defenseman had all the time in the world to regain possession.

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