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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Ouch. Seems brutal out there

Thank you. I have heard so, infact I heard the beach areas were the most expensive. I'll look into them

Thank You. The thing is people in LA won't hire you if you still live up north, let alone in Canada like me.
It's rough man,

I would suggest if your serious about wanting to live in California.

You get a serious career, Like Accounting or become an indispensable Welder/Fabricator.

Then apply to the many companies here looking for those (they are in high demand here)They will also pay to sponsor your Visa.

The average age of a welder is 40!!!! My nephew just finished his AWS cert for fabrication. He got hired right out of school for 50k a year(starting) on the oil rigs here in Bakersfield (not bad for a 20 year old).

And his welding school was FREE.....

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