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02-02-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
I'm not talking about fighting and winning. I'm not asking anyone to go toe to toe. If any of our guys decided to pick a fight with Lucic and play it safe (read: throw a few, clinch up and end the fight) i wouldn't be upset. Those punches hurt, but you really can't get the kind of power on ice as you can on solid ground, and these men are professional athletes. There aren't many players in the NHL who can't at the least defend themselves from anyone else.

Fighting in the NHL isn't always about winning. Sometimes a player's willingness to fight is all it takes, and sometimes it's about getting a player off the ice for 5 minutes.
If Lucic is running around crushing people and no one is willing to go toe to toe with him--guess what?--Lucic is going to continue to run around crunching people--he's likely to do that even if someone gives him a good go but maybe with just a little less aggression. Right now I'm not sure what the Rangers have to bring up apart from McIlrath (I agree that it's too soon for him) Haley and Mashinter.

Anyway I agree with the threadstarter--this team is not that tough and might have to address this sometime in the next couple months. The Prust deal came about after Carcillo mugged Gaborik. The Rangers also brought in Jody Shelley at that time. Having guys that are willing and able to make other teams pay for their transgressions is still an important consideration when putting together a hockey team. When the same guys can also perform other functions like scoring the odd goal, playing acceptable defense, penalty killing--then you have a valuable commodity. There are always guys like that out there--problem is finding them and incorporating them into your team structure and then getting them up to speed.

Bruins by the way looked to have lost Thornton (concussion) for at least a couple weeks. He (not Lucic or Chara) has been their main guy and though a smaller heavyweight he's embarrassed a number of much larger foes over the years. He's also a decent 4th liner so Boston is a little less tougher now--and a concussion for a fighter like Thornton can be a really serious thing.

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