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Originally Posted by blue bleeder 24-7 View Post
Hi. I know it's the Detroit board, so I'm not really here to debate, rather just clarify my position.

It seems that the blues fan that is the biggest pusher of the "big market bias" idea is me.

I'd just like to point out that Chicago, as the third largest city in the United States, with, at the time of that hit, a financially unactivated fanbase, would be a perfect candidate for the "bias" problem I'm talking about.

My thought is that the NHL favors the teams that will make them the most money at any time. Chicago was an "unactivated" market after the years of ineptitude by the Wirtz clowns. Time to cash in.

When the 2011-12 Lock Out was looming, who won the Cup? The largest "unactivated" market in the United States, Los Angeles. Time to cash in.

It's a long-standing theory I've had about the NHL, and I very rarely see evidence against it, on or off the ice. And the theory is reinforced much more often than that.

Detroit is a big market in terms of Hockey, btw. Not traditionally thought of as a Big Market for much else, but Hockey, you guys buy-into the team as a city.

Like I said, I'm not trying to troll, I'm just clarifying that position.
I respect you trying to clarify your position, but the bolded is where I find your premise to be ridiculous.

The NHL didn't beat the crap out of four teams, Los Angeles did. They added some great pieces in the season, changed coaches, then steamrolled everyone they faced. That has nothing to do with help from the league, and there is no evidence to support that gesture.

This to me is a case of a fan in a smaller market seeing what they want to see to support a position that makes certain issues easier to swallow. Wings fans did the same thing in the 2009 finals.

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