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02-02-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by LeafDangler View Post
Mac has been better than Drouin many times this year. How often do you watch them play from North York? It's a coin flip each night who is the most noticeable. You have no basis to speak with such certainty.

MacKinnon does so much more night in and night out in both ends of the ice that does not show up on the scoresheet. Could Drouin do it? Probably, but he hasn't yet. He gets to do things that open him up for offense that MacKinnon does not as he's working his ass off below both goallines.

That said today's NHL is so PP oriented. A guy with hands and finish like Drouin might be the most valuable commodity. He's not soft either.

Either way both kids are plus character and drive guys with elite skills. Either one would be this franchise's best prospect in a very long time.
Point missed, I did say from the games I saw both of them play in and they were big showcase games.

Also there's a poster here that lives in Halifax that has seen them both play a lot more than probably any of us, and he has posted many times Drouin has been better.

You could have made a disclaimer on your post that you are a Mackinnon fan, because it sure sounds this way if you had seen them play in games that are nationally televised. But if you don't believe me, just watch the Mckenzie draft show again to know scouts have closed the gap on the Halifax duo.

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