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Originally Posted by Bone for your jar View Post
God forbid another team's player dare to beat our specialist fighter in a consensual duel! God forbid he then "shush" our bench! Oh the arrogance! Oh the cruelty!

Do you have any idea what the B's players have been chirping at the Sabres since the Lucic-Miller incident? Do you think Lucic and Marchand have been all gentlemanly with them since? Is it not at all possible that our guys deserved to get shushed after all the salt they've doubtless rubbed in the Sabres' wounds? What about Lucic boarding their guy just this last game? Doesn't count? But no, we were the only victimized ones. Victimized by a clean, fair fight and a harmless "shhh" gesture. Really? We can't take a little back-and-forth with a team we've bullied for a good while now? We can't tolerate a team standing up for itself? That's disappointing, I'm sorry. That's thin-skinned, and playing the victim is ...well...a Montreal type response.

C'mon B's fans. Toughen up.


that is why the Bruins have success, the Bruins are the team that does the "shushing".... lose that and we don't win the cup two years ago and lose that and we won't ever win it again

the Scott-Seidenberg play after that really still bothers me too, there is no doubt at all that the Bruins were the intimidated team, and that is the first time I have seen that in a long long time and it doesn't bode well

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