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02-02-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by mindfly View Post
You know he won't change **** if this team makes the playoffs... KH Logic: Make Playoffs = Success, "anyone can win if you make the final 8", no roster changes needed.

This team needs to fail - badly, for him to realize things, for him to dare buy-out 2 of his precious veterans, to make massive trades, to be overly aggresive in july. To be a useless team and get 1st overall couldn't come at a better time now in a shortened season in which many fans don't care about anyways, a real 82 game season matters a lot more. This team will be out in 1st round if they even make it, better then to fail bigtime and secure the future of the franchise.
A cup is a cup. Still need to get 16 wins. No one cares about the regular season. It's still the same for every team.

Less than a month into the season and you are wishing for them to tank to stick it up to Holland?

What big trade do you want him to do? I want you to give me a realistic trade option. Nash? Columbus would never trade him to us.

We have no idea how much they officially offered Parise or Suter. Parise was set on Minny, he called his pal Suter. No chance there.

I don't agree with all the moves Holland has made. I wasn't happy with the Quincey trade either. But being overly aggressive doesn't necessarily win you Cups. You seem to like Holmgren a lot. What has he achieved?

You want them to tank for Jones? What guarantee do you have that he is the solution?

You complain when they lose, you complain when they win. You don't like how the organization is run or their policies, you hate most of the team and you contribute **** to the discussions around here. This is the team they put on the ice. If you are a true fan you root for them, no matter what. Otherwise, stop wasting everyone's time.

And now, I put mindfly on my ignore list.

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