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02-02-2013, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by SensibleGuy View Post
The defenisve issues with the Jets are pretty obvious at this point. They are just an incredibly soft defensive team - particularly without Buff. All I see during these games is Jet forwards getting rubbed out along the boards as they enter the opposing teams zone, but when the opposing forwards move into our zone nobody touches them. I watched last night while one of the TB players moved along the board into our zone while Enstrom skated backwards five feet away from him trying to poke the puck away all the way to the goal line. I know, Enstrom doesn't play a physical game, but come on at least impede his progress. You don't have to flatten people but don't let them free skate at will...its not just the PK that needs to be more aggresive.
I saw Enstrom rub out some guys on the boards?
He just poke checks more often because he ends up with the puck more often that way... and plus his size doesn't make him super great at the physical play haha.

I thought the PK was actually ok... except for one of the 6 players. Think about it. They almost had 4 minutes of 3v5, and BARELY had any shots and very few of them were dangerous, against one of the most offensive teams in the league... just some floaters ended up in the net.

I know some have talked about "lack" of defensive system, but really it's there and coming slowly, just doesn't help when your goalies are letting in almost every second shot...
I still have faith in Pavelec... his major issue comes from positioning and I saw him do well in that in our last road trip... so if he can get back to that I think he can sturdy around ~.915-.920 which with Byfuglien and Bogosian returned should be well enough to get into the playoffs.

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