Thread: Speculation: What are the Bruins' needs?
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02-02-2013, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Taz#24 View Post
It doesn't bother me that THORNTON lost a fight to a much bigger SCOTT and you win some, you lose some. I am, however, concerned with the way they lost. Last year Buffalo absolutely tanked after LUCIC ran MILLER and nobody from the Sabres responded. To me, the Bruins looked intimidated to during Monday's game, the same way Buffalo looked after LUCIC ran MILLER. Yes, VANEK was the star and obviously beat us on the scoreboard but I feel that he was able to play his game because the Bruins were absolutely out of sync after watching their toughest player get man-handled. To add salt to the wound, that %^$&-face RUFF takes a time-out with less then 30 seconds left and the game well in hand! How did the Bruins respond? Nothing!

This game was not only a loss, which happens, it was a slap in the face after losing! As an organization you have to respond to that. I %^$&*% hate Buffalo but I will give them credit because they did exactly that in response to the LUCIC incident during the off-season. some say the LUCIC hit had nothing to do with it and Buffalo just wanted to add grit, I say ********! Their offseason moves were in direct response to what happened.

In my humble opinion, the Bruins are viewed as the league's watermark regarding physicality. When you have that reputation, everybody else wants to challenge it, evidenced by offseason changes by not just Buffalo but Montreal, Toronto etc. You can not underestimate intimidation, Philly won two Stanley Cups with it as the main ingredient mixed with a sprinkle of skill and I dare say it was a huge part of our Cup win in 11.

Bruins have a big game in TO this evening, a team even tougher then Buffalo (ORR, BROWN, MCLAREN, FRASER). It will be interesting to see how they play tonight.
You are so right. You can't let Vanek focus on scoring goals at will on our ice. You need to make him worry about not getting iced with an open ice hit or whacked with a stick when he approaches the net. On top of it the sabres were allowed to headshot two of our players on their own ice. Talk about the Sabres sending a message to the league.

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