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02-02-2013, 01:27 PM
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Hey guys,

Like your analyses' both of em and I both agree and disagree with you both

So im gonna try and take the tempreture as I see it as of now

So far, I personally would have liked the lockout too continue, the NHL seems not up in gear, with the lacking preseason an rushed games.

Warm - Frans Nielsen, he is in form and doing great, by far the best dane in the NHL. Soild on PK and PP and just a real team player.

NHL Future I think he will end his career with the Islanders and play out a few more years in the NHL.

Luke Warm - Jannik Hansen, he is doing what he is supposed and his numbers are ok - not as good as they could, but ok. But the whole team is kinda struggling.

NHL FUTURE Same story as with Frans Nielsen

Luke Warm - Mikke Boedker, now he is a ? mark for me, ive watched most of his games and he plays well with flashes of brilliance. But he doesn't shoot enough and his linemates are too slow for him. He is capable of more and hopefully will give it.

NHL FUTURE IMO Boedker is Bang or Bust. The next two seasons will tell which one it'l be! Boedker has HIGH potential, he shows flashes of brilliance and I do see him as a true star if he pans out. BUT, if he doesn't put up big numbers in the next two seasons, it's a trade of Europe for Boeds.

Average - Philip Larsen I actually think Larsen has played well, and so does many Stars fans.. Him being scratched is to me weird. Him only plying a few games is why I have him at average.

NHL FUTURE Uncertain

Cold - Lars Eller, I have to agree with most of the Habs fans! When Eller is on ice, he looks lost and confused. His confidence is gone.
He used to have vision and some hockey sense, but looking at him lately absolutely does not bring one to think that now.

NHL FUTURE Eller has no future with the Habs, of that I am certain. Ellers potential is NHL worthy, but he needs to step it up and become trade attractive, or else it's Europe for Eller, im thinking SEL or KHL.

Stone Cold - Peter Regin, even though his TOI has been limited and to the lower lines, he is absolutely invisible. He does nothing and if not for the name and number on his jersey, you wouldn't know he was on the ice.

NHL FUTURE Done for, it's Europe for Regin! Sooner better than later...

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