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02-02-2013, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Yes, beacuse the game is so broad many great players come from those countries but the money and best football played in are the countries I named.
Faint praise.

Congrats, you named 5 countries. I could name you 50 countries that couldn't give a dame about throwball. Hell Football is still popular in Japan and Australia.
Given soccer fans' habit of making vainglorious pronouncements of the sport's appeal I doubt it. Point is whena country can afford to play a sport that requires more equipment than something round they find other things to do.

Oh how arrogant/ignorant of you Hasbro. Players get bought for upto 130 million and make upto 25 million, you think America can really match that or even dominate it? puh lees.
If we cared, yes. Hockey is a niche sport here, with an insular and provincial fanbase and still more popular than soccer and the majority of the world's best players are in the NHL and we are a power in the sport international. Track & Field outside of the Olympics yet our country dominates the sport. The hillbillies in America are enough to make the NFL the largest single league in the world. The US has the ability to field a league better than the EPL, et. al, just not one iota of the will it would take.

But fortunately for everyone else the game is a nonenity here. Thank the American fans who think pedantry about our game's and denegrating every other sport will somehow make the sport approachable.

I'm not even sure why were discussing this here. As it has nothing to do with the OP, if you want to continue this I suggest you take it up in the other sports thread or leave it at you like your "sport" and I like mine.
I don't know why anyone brings up soccer in this country at all, it's not relevant here.

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