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Originally Posted by matCH penalty View Post
It wasn't all the CAD, though. The arenas in Winnipeg and QC were awful, and Edmonton's arena continues to be awful. When you have an acceptable arena (and preferably a team that gets some coin off of events scheduled at their home arena), a salary cap and revenue sharing make surviving bad times easier. It's not like the MTS Centre, the future QC Amphitheatre, or Scotiabank are suddenly going to fall apart in twenty years. They're acceptable now and will largely remain so for the lion's share of our lifetimes.

A Panthers fan should be well aware of the value of a diversified ownership group and well-visited arena, considering the high status of the BB&T Center is not an insignificant reason why the Panthers are a stable franchise which no educated person legitimately considers to be a relocation candidate.

The CAD could drop again, though. To 65 cents I doubt, but 80 or 85 perhaps if something bad happens. Who knows.

The Whalers had an awful arena, an owner losing a ton of money, a poorly organized league, and a municipality unwilling to give it enough money to stay.
The arena pretty much killed the franchise. I've heard stories, seen pictures, but never been to the Winnipeg Arena but MTS Centre is 100x better than the Old barn. And the MTSC is only 8 years old now.

Knowing this, economies might change, but the arena in a market is the consistent predictor of who moves or who stays, even now with the revenue sharing, arena location, condition, and everything in between is important, and always will be.

BTW, the Canadian dollar has dropped to 80 during this recession and went above the USD by the time Chipman bought the Jets. Unless there's another recession that singularly affects Canada, we won't see another dip. Canada and Australia are the up and coming.

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