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07-02-2006, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Ford Prefect View Post
You know, people like you are really starting to peave me hell off. Ever since noon yesterday people have been whining like little b!tches cause we didn't land a marquee free agent. What is the point of this thread? How can anyone make a determination of where we stand in the division 1 day into free agency and when there are still 3 months left to go til the season starts? There are still RFAs to sign, trades to make, prospect evaluations to be done... BG may make a big move tomorrow and all you bandwagon jumpers will love him again and said you had faith in him the whole time. He's won a Stanley Cup as a GM, he knows what he is doing.

If it comes October and the only thing he's done is sign Ribeiro to a lucrative multi-year deal, then by all means, make your opinions known. But for the love of GOD, stop whining like little grade school b!tches cause the latest toy in the window is gone. Grow the hell up.
Wow very entertaining post right here. Try and find one place in my first post that shows any bashing towards Gaineys lack of movement or any whining what so ever. I'm serious, try and find it...........The reason you can't find any is because there isn't any whining. I was just curious to know what people thought about the moves that other teams did (ex: Chara and Savard to Boston) and how they affected the competitivness in our conference. I really don't understand your sudden anger towards me.

It's funny because I am on your side about Gainey's approche. I don't mind if Gainey doesn't sign any Top Notch UFA players. All I care about is that Gainey knows what he's doing. Now please.....there was no reason to get mad at me and I expect an apologie

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