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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
you could say that about every player on the team in some way...

wouldn't it be great if (Henrik, Daniel, Booth, Kassian) could play on the PK... they'd all be more valuable..

wouldn't it be great if (Raymond, Booth, Higgins, Kesler, Lapierre, Hansen) had better vision and could use their linemates better? they'd all be more valuable.


Not really. With Kassian and Schroeder bring younger, more development is likely ahead of them than behind them. Both have good hockey IQ's too, from the looks of it. Schroeder in fact did play PK on the Wolves for a time as well.

I do understand your point though, wishful thinking in most cases. But for these two, there's still a chance I think because they are so young. Schroeder's defensive IQ is showing to be good as well.

If Schroeder can develop into an all-around player he'd be very valuable to this club.. right now though, I'm just hoping he does enough to stick regularly in the NHL. To do that in AV's system, he's got to be at least decent defensively and bring something more to the team... whether that's faceoffs, PK ability, or the ability to provide an impact as an offensive playmaking center (which this team needs as only Henrik qualifies as such).

I think that when Kesler is back, we're going to see Schroeder centering him and one of Booth or Raymond. Kesler taking the majority of draws, which will help Schroeder learn that trade in the NHL. Kesler has been solid playing the right side before, and given his experience it just seems to make more sense to move him to the wing, rather than Schroeder, who needs as little change as possible to allow him to fully adapt to the NHL. Putting a young player out of his natural position when he's first coming into the league is tough on most players.... and slotting them into roles they aren't suited for (ie. a 3rd line center role in an AV system where he uses that 3rd line in defensive zone starts and line match-ups) isn't going to help Schroeder's confidence or development.

Put him with Booth and Kesler though - 2 guys that can grind, provide some physical presence, while keeping up with Schroeder's speed and tranisition game, would be a solid fit for this team IMO.

Really? Schroeder centering Kesler and Booth? Do you think AV will move Kesler away from C to do this? I'm doubtful.

I agree though it would be fantastic to see Kesler finally pushed to the wing to insulate Schroeder. It also really alleviates this team's need to find a long-term top6 RW solution a la Doan. I like it.

Gillis needs to find a true shutdown center for that 3rd line - a Manny Malhotra in his prime. And given his Malhotra signing and then going after Pahlsson last year, I'm guessing Gillis feels the same. Give AV the pieces that he can best work with... or replace AV.

Burrows-3rd line Center-Hansen

the 3rd line takes the majority of defensive zone draws and tough matchups (and with Burrows and Hansen there, along with a true 3rd line shutdown center, that's a very good shutdown line).... interchange Higgins and Schroeder (moving Kesler to center) when Schroeder hits his rookie wall. and you still have a 4th line with skill, defensive smarts and one that will be very tough for other 4th lines in the league to match-up against.

I'd love to go into the playoffs with that depth and versatility. Just have to find that 3rd line 2-way center that can help our faceoffs, PK, and match-up options.

IMO this team is only that - a solid 3rd line center - and of course a couple of injured back - from being one of the deepest and versatile lineups in the league.

What about Burrows as a full convert to 3C? He's been doing really well up to this point.

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