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02-02-2013, 02:52 PM
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Didn't post till now, as I had another game to watch when I got home from the Caps game.

My .02:

That was one tough game to watch. It was like a battle of poor team attrition, with the Caps being slightly better than the Flyers. It was my first in-person game this year, and seeing the entire ice makes a big difference. For every good play by a player, we made at least 2 bad ones.

One thing I noticed is that we've gotta quit using starch on AO's jerseys. I never noticed how straight and stiff he is most of the time. Last night, he was right back to his old self: cherry-picking. The first Flyer goal I attribute to him... instead of getting in the play, he was hanging out at the pointe, to gain a few steps on the D in case of transition.

On the way home, I had to laugh as the radio announcers claimed that the Caps "played the system the whole game."

Cherry-picking is part of the system? And the last 2-3 minutes, with our guys forming a line to prevent the Flyers from skating the puck into our zone... looked an awful lot like "Hunter-Hockey" to me and the folk in the stands.

Thank gawd we won, but it had a Edmonton vs Columbus look to the game. Very hard to watch. Still, an improvement, slightly.

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