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Originally Posted by EZBAKE View Post
I wouldn't have. I feel like Holland is confused in which direction to take this team, and is screwing us either way by being too conservatively in the middle.

He rolled the dice and tried to strike magic on getting some second tier guys after we lost out on Suter and co, but i'm disappointed in the players he chose.
Aside from Suter and Schultz, there was nobody notable. And I'm not impressed with Suter without Weber.

This team isn't much of a contender with Suter than without. The UFA pool has been pretty dry and the ones who do make it through get severely overpaid to the point it where your RFA/UFA who expect raises will have HUGE bargaining chips.

Holland, "B.Smith we will pay you $2 million per yr for 3 years"

Smith, "Nope! You just paid Ehroff $10 million last year and you are paying him $8 million this year, I want atleast that!"

If Smith lives up to his potential he will likely get award over $3+ million per year. If Holland doesn't overpay like an idiot, he can probably get him for around $2 million.

Lol, then there are people crying that Holland didn't re-sign Hudler... Yet Hudler was the official whipping boy on the team. Had Holland re-signed Huder, people would still be crying because Holland is "redundant" - Brunner would be in the AHL this year.

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