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02-02-2013, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Brick Top View Post
IMO, his level of play prior to signing that extension, and a fair amount of last year, didn't warrant the salary he received. I'm glad he's playing well this year, hopes he keeps it and all of that. I wouldn't expect any player to tell his GM "no, that offer is too much based on my recent play," but he got a VERY generous offer when he signed that extension.
I like you. Please stick around. You seem very objective (and I don't always put myself in that category).

I think this is very accurate. He was being paid on potential and what Kenny hoped the Rig could grow into. Maybe this is the year he'll do it? He only has one more year left on that contract, so he needs to establish himself now.

I mean, as a fan, you want all your guys to reach their top potential because you already have them. No giving up of assets or overpaying on the UFA market, so it's always preferable. It's just been a fairly long ride with E. Fisher, Kronwall, and Smith (maybe even Lashoff) did not (or will not) take anywhere as long to develop. Sure, he switched positions, but that doesn't mean this wasn't a very longterm investment.

Originally Posted by loojay View Post
^This. I get a little tired of all the negativity sometimes and when people are proven wrong after pages of their whining not a peep is heard.

What did you prove? That he apparently had a very good game? (And I never miss Wings games but my DVR screwed me over yesterday.)

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