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02-02-2013, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
So from what i can read you have
Frans Nielsen ++ (warm)
Jannik Hansen + (lukewarm)
Mikkel Bødker + (lukewarm)
Philip Larsen 0 (average)
Lars Eller - or -- (cold)
Peter Regin --- (stone cold?)

I will disagree with Regin being that bad. Playing forth line he has 15 shots on goal - so he does do something (just not getting points). He has +2 so his line is not awful. For Regin if he wants to continue in NHL grind on and dont get injured - if he keeps shooting he should hit the jackpot at some point.

Eller looking lost (again) is really a bad sign, because he looked fantastic in the early matches for JYP. He seems very sensitive to the coach's opinion of him. If he doesn't feel at home....he also mentally goes to the doghouse. I agree with you club as fast a possible.

About Larsen - it's just that Dalles for some reason have a defensive starter-problem this season. Actually their defence roster looks pretty good and maybe thats why everyone are perplexed why it doesn't work. Newcomers will be benched not veterans, so hope Larsen can convince them otherwise.

Bødker is not a bang or bust IMO - he is so good defensively now that he can always play 3rd line winger.
What about a line of Grabner-Nielsen-Bødker (what team wouldn't like a 3rd line like that!)

We all love Frans and most in Vancouver loves Jannik - maybe being a referee becomes a game of looking over your shoulder now
Well I watched nearly all Regins games and my has he looked invisible... Can only go by what I see, and from I can read the Sens fans seem to agree..

Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Boy can hockey games be viewed differently...

Of course our analysis' are gonna be influenced by whether we'd want the guys to stay in the NHL or go to Europe so the rest I can see where you're coming from. But this one... I can not for the life of my understand why Boedker is bust/bang? Even less that he's two years away from a return-ticket to Europe?

Is that because you don't think his current performance is at bust-level or is it because you don't he'll be able to stay at his current level?

I have only seen him four times but all four times I though he was great. Had a long preach ready but I'd rather hear you reasoning for this.... well this
To clarify for both you and Justinov, for me playing 3rd line duties (Boedker) Is bust. And I think most in Phoenix would agree

I might have been a bit harsh and unclear in what I meant

For me it is just, that Boedker is such a ? mark. When I watch him, he plays like a 70 -80pts guy. But the numbers just don't follow ..

Sure he is a surefire NHL caliber player, and always will be.. I think my biased high hopes for Boedker could be skewing my view.. But that is my view

Hope it clarifies what I mean.. And im certain that in Phoenix people are looking to build the future around Boeds and OEL. And right now OEL a Dman is doing better offensively than Boeds.

And I think if Boeds does not become that surefire 1st line winger for PHO, allot of yotes fans are going to be dissapointed and label him semi-bust.

Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Just sayin...

EDIT: Screw that... That's a goal AND an assist for Lars Eller. If that doesn't buy him some time I don't know what will. So ****ing relived for the him!


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