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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
The God mode does bail us out quite a bit at times and I think maybe in the coaches' minds... if we play our system and Sid or Geno or Neal has a ridiculous goal to put us over the top, the "system worked". I mean... all hockey systems have some randomness to them because of the nature of the puck and ice and the rest, but what I hate most about our system is how easily we give up puck control in the offensive zone the last year or two. It ****ing drives me nuts.

We should be able to be a good puck possession team without solely relying on get-it-deep-and-cycle type game. That should be part of it, but currently it's all of it. I just think we have enough skill even without making a trade, that we should be better at controlling the puck / moving the puck in places other than 10 feet from the net.
This is the part that really makes me wonder. Remember last season. Sid goes out again. The team is on a five or six game losing streak going to FLA. Captain article where the team rallies, nice win at FLA, go into TB and take a sweet, deserved 3-0 lead into the 3rd. You see all the nice, positive steps. Then, bang, in five minutes, it's gone. 3-3. And, Geno starts a three month god mode run that disguises a lot. Then Sid comes back. It's even crazier for 2-3 games. Then, the wheels pretty much come off.

Season starts. Two really nice wins. Then, it's a 5 game train wreck. A meh win against NYR. A nice win against NJ (driven by team emotion and Sid going god).

I just don't see the reason to be secure. IF I saw something new (and intelligent) in the PP and/or IF I saw varied breakouts designed to create options and provide puck support, THEN I actually might feel reason to be encouraged.

This team has too much top end talent not to make the playoffs. I'm still waiting for a sign that it has the coaching to go far from there.

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