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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
The God mode does bail us out quite a bit at times and I think maybe in the coaches' minds... if we play our system and Sid or Geno or Neal has a ridiculous goal to put us over the top, the "system worked". I mean... all hockey systems have some randomness to them because of the nature of the puck and ice and the rest, but what I hate most about our system is how easily we give up puck control in the offensive zone the last year or two. It ****ing drives me nuts.

We should be able to be a good puck possession team without solely relying on get-it-deep-and-cycle type game. That should be part of it, but currently it's all of it. I just think we have enough skill even without making a trade, that we should be better at controlling the puck / moving the puck in places other than 10 feet from the net.
If you actually think we have enough skill without a trade, then I don't even know why I bother coming around here anymore.

Do you not notice Dupuis and Kunitz butcher every pass that comes there way? Do you not see instances where Kunitz has Sid for a clear break and decides to put his head down and fire? Do you not see where Sid is again wide open as Exile points out earlier, and it takes Dupuis forever to even realize he's there?

Straight line players can only play one way. "Controlling the puck and moving the puck" involves actual skill and vision. There's no scheme where Pascal Dupuis is able to fend off a defender, or look one off and make a 5 foot pass. And there certainly isn't one where Dupuis is the recipient of a pass like that and will be able to take anyone on 1 on 1. If you truly believe there's another way for these guys to play hockey, then I'm sorry but you don't understand what you're watching.

And yes, your best players playing like your best players, especially when they take up about 1/4 of your cap space which eliminates vital depth, will win you games. It's not a novel concept.

Tampa will not win if St.Louis and Stamkos aren't playing up to their capabilities.
Chicago will not win without Kane and Toews doing the same
Vancouver with the twins
Philly without Giroux and Briere


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