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02-02-2013, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I like you. Please stick around. You seem very objective (and I don't always put myself in that category).
I can think of a few RW posters who should take note of your observation . Seriously though, this is a nice escape for me- I don't follow the prospects as closely as some or bother with all of the advanced stats, but I generally have a good time posting here. And for the record, you can probably measure your level of objectivity by seeing how closely your opinions match up with mine .

I think this is very accurate. He was being paid on potential and what Kenny hoped the Rig could grow into. Maybe this is the year he'll do it? He only has one more year left on that contract, so he needs to establish himself now.

I mean, as a fan, you want all your guys to reach their top potential because you already have them. No giving up of assets or overpaying on the UFA market, so it's always preferable. It's just been a fairly long ride with E. Fisher, Kronwall, and Smith (maybe even Lashoff) did not (or will not) take anywhere as long to develop. Sure, he switched positions, but that doesn't mean this wasn't a very longterm investment.
I don't think it's debatable that E was paid on potential. You can look at deals signed after his by guys who accomplished more (always think of MDZ with the Rangers) and it's obvious that Kenny was paying the big Swede a salary that he hoped E would grow into.

Definitely been a long road with E- he benefitted from having someone like Lidstrom anchoring the D for so long, which allowed him to cruise under the radar and not have to really face the pressure to sink or swim. I figure that if he has a solid year this year (and he needs to in looking at the other guys on D) and a really good year next season, he'll have definitely earned his 3 year contract. And IMO, that's to his credit as he wasn't very good prior to last season.

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