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02-02-2013, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerz View Post
I think you guys overstate the impact of a coach at the NHL level.

Sure Ruff has blame...he's losing.

But Im more concerned about Leo and Myers f'in up because of their own stupidity then Ruff sitting on the bench with his arms crossed or not calling a time-out.
First off, he should've called a timeout, but he has no idea how to coach so he didn't. Second, if Myers and Leopold are playing so ****ing bad together, WHY NOT MAKE ADJUSTMENTS?? Isn't that what coaching is all about? Instead of sending a message to his worst defenseman by benching them, he keeps playing them together when it is clearly not working.

I think you understate the impact of a coach at the NHL level. Who do you think comes up with the game plans, strategies, defensive schemes, offensive schemes etc. Do the player somehow share a hive mind and know what to do when playing together?

Question for you, do you think Lindy Ruff is doing a good job this year, yes or no?
Another question, if Lindy Ruff is not doing a good job, why have we kept him for so long?

Btw, are you seriously using Phil Jackson as an example of not using a timeout? Holy ****. This is hockey not ****ing basketball.

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