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02-02-2013, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by KingBogo View Post
Isn't that 7-10 pick pretty much this team's honey zone? But have no fear if we keep playing like we have been this past week that pick should be considerably higher.

Tanking is a non-issue. Players don't tank. They have too much pride in what they do, and besides their employment is dependent on their play. Coaches certainly don't tank as they would be the first person out the door and likely wouldn't reap the benefits of a #1 pick. Only people who might want a team to tank is fans who want to add a game changing player to their team...and guess what we have no control.
Teams that are completely out of the playoff picture trade away their short term valuable assets all the time and call up young guys to take their place in the line up. I would consider that a form of tanking. Obviously this was way more prevalent before the current point system created artificial parity and made it difficult for teams to decide whether they are or are not playoff contenders.

Most on this board seem to really be against tanking but if it's done that way I really don't have a problem with it. Some of the best teams right now were assembled by bottoming out. Obviously there are other ways to go about becoming a contender as well but that depends on the competence of your front office and the tolerance of the market to watch a losing team.

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