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Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
Geno played 17 1/2 minutes in a 4-goal win. Second-most amongst forwards.

Sure, Sid got the most minutes, but he was also their best player today.
And on other days this season?

You asked, so here's Sid versus Geno on minutes this year:

2:30 more against Philly (1:45 more ES)
1:15 more against NYR (:45 more ES)
4:35 more against Toronto (2:20 more ES)
3:31 more against Winnipeg (3:31 more ES)
:56 less against (1:33 less ES)
4:03 more against NYR (2:01 more ES)

In some of these games, you're talking less ES TOI for Geno than Dupuis or Kunitz.

This is not some new trend. It's always been this way, aside from last year the second time Sid returned. Sid plays a bit more than Geno. Geno plays slightly more than Dupuis. It's a coaching decision. And, it doesn't matter how Sid OR Geno is playing. I'll leave it to you to decide if it's a good one.

Originally Posted by A Serious Man View Post
Barely. Malkin still had the second most minutes out of all of our forwards. We've been playing with a lead these past couple games, Sutter and our grinding lines have been getting a couple more minutes.
You were saying . . . it's all there above in black and white.

Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
nothing good
And THAT is my ultimate concern. If your coach doesn't trust one of the 8.7M per year players, then it's going to come back and bite you when the playoffs come.

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