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02-02-2013, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by EZBAKE View Post
Which is why I was implying Nyquist would be mad lots of these guys were signed the past few years before you went off on a tangent about Emmerton being irreplaceable.
Originally Posted by EZBAKE View Post
Then Demote Emmerton, move Cleary down to the 4th line, and give him his minutes? Wow, what a conundrum. Or maybe Holland shouldn't have signed a gazillion repetitive 4th liners so we actually had room to make our third line a scoring line
No you weren't. You were saying demote (I'm guessing waive and send to GR, since there won't be room for him) Emmerton to make room for Nyquist.

Originally Posted by EZBAKE View Post
Your reading comprehension is horrible. Is that why you sound so frustrated? You're having a hard time grasping basic concepts? I stated several times that Emmerton was just an example, on talent level, it could have been another winger to moved down.
You did not imply this at all. You said "Then demote Emmerton" not "You could demote someone like Emmerton."
And for the record, Miller, Cleary and Tootoo have had extended time at center in the past out of our bottom 6,
and Helm will not be injured forever.
No, but given his recent rash of terrible luck, It's good to have an adequate insurance option until it's clear this injury streak is over. Having a winger who can occasionally play center on emergency basis regularly taking draws for the time being is the best way to make your coach hate you.

So you don't waste my time, and everyone else's with useless semantics about a point I made you're taking out of context:
I've demonstrated this wasn't semantics. You implied Emmerton was your option of eliminating to make room for Nyquist. I demonstrated why that would be foolish.
Do you honestly not see ANY way Nyquist can fit on the third line that would make sense? No straw man argument, just answer that because that is what I was implying.
No. I do not. Not without causing a hassle. Not even so that they will be accompanied by adequate linemates. But it doesn't matter. Even if Nyquist gets a 3rd line spot as you all are *****ing about him getting, you'll just turn around and ***** about how he isn't being used properly. There is no way this management can please anyone hear. You'll always rationalize how every move is terribad and that you could do a better job than Holland.

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