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Originally Posted by cphabs View Post
I stopped reading at this point. He's not a professional. He's a college kid having the time of his life and he KNOWS it! Who, honestly, would not pay top dollar to be in his shoes (no pun intended) for the last 4 years? I think this kid is a LOT smarter than some think.
That's my point. I had my fun in college but I wasn't trying to run for public office or join 780 of the worlds best hockey players in the best hockey league in the world. There are sacrifices to be made, parties to avoid, trouble to stay out of if you want to make it to some places. I firmly believe in both a) enjoying yourself when you're young and b) making the appropriate sacrifices when required.

Kristo hasn't been in some light trouble, and it isn't his first time. He's been in disciplinary trouble REGULARLY. With his school, his coaches and with the police. I'm not saying he's not allowed to party, I'm just saying that it doesn't seem like he's willing to sacrifice THAT aspect of college life for the goal of making it in the NHL with the Habs.

We don't own him, he doesn't "owe" the Habs or us fans anything... it's just a waste to see this happen before our very eyes, over and over and over. He's a talented player who hasn't even signed a deal and he's getting frostbite, getting suspended multiple times and is now facing criminal charges? How badly does this kid want to make it in the league - that's the question. And as long as he's a Habs prospect we, as fans, are allowed to ask these pretty tame questions.

I don't question his talent, he's a question-mark like every other college athlete, I question his dedication to his future career. I, personally, know so many would be NHLers who just didn't have the talent but had all the work ethic... and then there's Kristo.

Originally Posted by bigtimehockeyfan999 View Post
he sucks trade him already...if he was going to be a montreal canadiens..he would be one already get rid of this bum
Poor asset management. We have nothing to gain by trading him, he might still turn out good so keep him.

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