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02-02-2013, 05:20 PM
Chris Cutter
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WOW! What a performance! I haven't seen Montreal pull off such a dominant victory since the Minnesota Wild game in 2011 where PK got his hat-trick. Anyway where could I begin: You could tell from their very first shift that Desharnais and Eller were gonna have a good game, their compete level was really high and it showed and they wanted to send a message and prove that they're better than what they've showed since the start of the season. They were buzzing in the Sabres zone, they had a shift where they controlled the puck behind the net for a good minute. They both had a good game, Eller and Desharnais have to play that way in order for them to have success. If they play the way they did tonight all season long, we'll have tremendous depth when Pacioretty comes back! Price despite the score had another solid game tonight. He made some key saves and the score could have been higher for Buffalo if it wasn't for him making those tough saves. PK had a great game for a 1st game, seemed to hit the net a lot more than last year and didn't struggle in his own end. Emelin was a boss tonight, I remember in the 1st period he had a shift where he stole the puck from a guy twice and got it out of the zone twice, made it look so easy. He's really turning into a solid #4 defenseman. Galchenyuk played a great game, tried things right off the start and showed more of what he can do in the stickhandling department tonight. Plekanec, Gionta and Bourque all had another solid game, been our most consistent and most solid line all season long. Gotta love the effort that every player brings every night and how they all understand what they have to do for the line to have success. It's also nice for a change to have the morale victory on top of everything, gotta love what Prust brings to this team!

- Cole was not only invisible tonight but he was horrible, kept turning over the puck, couldn't make a simple pass and he wasn't hitting anyone.
- If we're gonna give Armstrong top PK minutes, he's gonna have to make better decisions and be more aware of what's going on around him on the ice. He probably had one of the worst shift I've ever seen in my life I think it was in the 2nd. PK blocks a shot, he gets the puck and he has all the time in the world to clear it on his right side where there's nobody but instead he decides to take a slapshot so the puck goes along the boards and it gets intercepted by the defenseman. 10 seconds after that, he's moving his feet slowly, looking at the forward on his right at the hashmark and he's not paying attention to Hodgson who's coming from the back door behind him. Price makes the stop and lets him grab the puck and again he can't clear the puck out of his zone. It didn't cause a goal but Armstrong was playing with fire and he can't do that in a close game.

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