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Originally Posted by Stej View Post
If you want a response to that post, you should quote someone or address them directly.
Not sure if you are lumping me in with the Hainsey haters because I talked about trading him in this thread, but my point was not that Hainsey sucks. Actually the opposite, I was saying that we CANNOT afford to lose him for nothing.
Originally Posted by Jet View Post
I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular. I don't like to do that, hence not responding to a particular poster.

My post was in response to the many I see that say that Hainsey sucks, simple as that. It was not directed at you or anyone specifically.
Originally Posted by Hawker14 View Post
I fail to see where Hainsey would be rated above a C+ in any area of his game.

I'd suggest he's not terrible in any facet, but he excels nowhere. He is a mediocre defenceman. His calibre of play is easily replaceable in free agency, or from within an organization .

It's telling when a player's value is maximized by his playing less and only in certain situations.

He's not an above average NHL player by any measure. He's just a decent NHLer who will silently fade off into the sunset eventually. No one will mourn his career.
Well, Hawker, seeing as there was a suggestion that we direct our concerns about uninformed Hainsey-bashing directly at the poster(s) involved, allow me to respond to you directly.
Hainsey's ability has been objectively analysed on these boards ad nauseum. Earlier on this thread Garret made reference to where he would fit (top 4) on the majority of NHL clubs, with reference to specific statistical measures. I am sure if you asked him to reproduce more of his D efficiency data, he would happily do so.
Last year, Hainsey logged over 20 min per game, played the hardest minutes, and still came out with the best plus minus of any of our D. This year, he is trending in a similar direction.
There is not a shred of evidence to suggest he is a "mediocre" defence man.

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