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02-02-2013, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by HarlemsFinest View Post
i keep hearing 'when we play X team, that will be a good test'

either everyone is **** or and we're actually good, or we haven't met a team that's good yet. a bad game is a bad game (sens), but it's like we're going to go through the whole season waiting for 'the test' before we realize we might have a legit good team. not yet a perennial contender, but someone who has a shot once in the PO's.
Originally Posted by Metalock View Post

I'm just glad we don't play outside of the conference this season, if we played the Blackhawks or Sharks we'd either win and be amazing or lose and be ****ed.
IMO, we've mostly played bad teams so far. The only good teams we've played are the sens (blowout) and the NJD (barely beat them). I think we might be a playoff team but we haven't exactly faced good competition either yet so I really don't know.

For me the top tier teams and in no particular order would be:

Flyers (yes, I know they're struggling)
New Jersey
Tampa Bay (because of their offense)

If we can string a few wins against these teams, then IMO we're definitely a playoff team...but as for being contenders, that's a whole different story and still too early to tell.

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