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02-02-2013, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by FeedingFrenzy View Post
Wow, f-ing lighten up. All the guy commented on was how our GDT's were pretty much the BOMB the past few years where this year hasnt been AS spectacular.. How is he being ungrateful?? Nobody called you out so why be so defensive. And I agree to some extent with him. While all of you hard core HF board people get the toilet paper thing, most dont. Climb off your horse.
Originally Posted by FeedingFrenzy View Post
Wow, you guys/girls are unbelievable.. Guy makes a simple comment and you all freak out on him..

Yes as Sharks fans we have become spoiled with our GDT's so when we get a few that aren't spectacular we feel cheated..
You're just as bad. You expect great GDTs. You feel cheated when they aren't. But I don't see you signing up for GDTs.

Obviously this one didn't take Maf hours to make. But he's made some pretty time-consuming ones in the past. He took this one at last minute because slo was having computer problems. So yeah, we should appreciate that someone even bothered to make one.

Look, I'm sorry to come off as defensive or whatever, (although in my defense I just woke up an hour ago and I feel awful), but I feel like some people around here forget that the people who make GDTs are indeed people.

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