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Originally Posted by DocWest View Post
I moved here from Chicago about four years ago and I love it. Obviously immigration and getting a job lined up are crucial, but some people are making LA seem like it's a really dangerous place. While there are awful areas, they are easy to avoid. I haven't had a single problem yet. The traffic can be a real ***** though.
The reason why you have many who make a great deal about LA as a dangerous place is because there are areas in Merto LA is are not supposed to be shady but they are. When I went to Santa Monica for the 1st time a few years ago, I was shocked by what I saw in the neighborhoods of the rich. I truly thought I was in either Compton or Watts at 1st when I saw street corner after street corner homeless people and gang members flashing their guns. Then when I said to myself that both of those places are a ways south of where I am things looked worse all around as I was driving more at night into Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. The truth is even if I can afford to live in those places I mentioed I wouldn't. In areas where you have a very high number of celberties per capta I wouldn't feel safe knowing that one of their stalkers could end up mistaken where I live for the home of a celeberty and I would have to be on guard all the time from any kind of threat.

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