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02-02-2013, 06:41 PM
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As pegcity stated, the Jets have 34 million locked up in current players. Here's a potential lineup for next season and player salaries:


Kane - $5.25 million Jokinen - $4.5 million Wheeler - est. $4.5 million
Ladd - $4.4 million Scheifele - $1.5 million Little - est. $3.75 million
free agent - $2 million Antropov - $2.25 million Burmistrov - est. $2.5 million
Machacek - $575,000 Slater $1.6 million Wright - $650,000

Thorburn - $866,000
Cormier - $850,000


Byfulgien - $5.2 million Enstrom - $5.75 million
Bogosian - $4.75 million free agent(possibly Hainsey) - $2.75 million
Stuart - $1.7 million Postma - $750,000

Redmond or Kulda - $750,000


Pavelec - $3.9 million
Pasquale $750,000 or free agent goalie $1 million

This should put the Jets at approx. $59 million leaving $5 million to spare. I'm assuming Sheifele makes the team next year as well as Machacek improving his game to the satisfaction of Jets management to earn a shot.

We will have to leave room for the inevitable injuries this team will suffer so I hope we get to see callups of the likes of Klinberg and Telegin. Maybe Kulda as well assuming they can resign him.

Based on other contracts out there, I think Little at $3.75 (maybe $4 million max) over a 3 - 4 yr. deal is about right. Wheeler probably signs for a minimum of $4.5 million so I might have been a little optimistic in my projections. If he has a great season, say 45 points, he could command $5.5 million. Either way I hope the JEts sign him to a 5 yr. contract. Antro and Poni, as third line players will not command much more than $2 million per season each. With the salary cap crunch coming this offseason for many teams there simply isn't enough space to accomodate $3 million salaries on the third line. Burmi, in my eyes, is going to be a 2nd/3rd line tweener. I can see a 2 yr. bridge contract for approx. 2.5 million (maybe $2.75 million) per season. However, is he continues to struggle offensively as he has done so far this season, a contract in the range of $2 - $2.2 million might be in the offing. Rumours of Europe calling might boost his contract value though.

On defense, I used the Brayden Coburn contract as a comparable for Bogosian. Solid #3 defenseman who just received a contract that pays $4.4 million per season. I think Bogo has more offensive upside and will command slightly more. Assuming he comes back from injury and plays like he did last year I think $4.75 million per season is a fair number. Please let it be for 5 or 6 years though! If we can't resign Hainsey for the $2.75 million I allocated there, I hope we can get someone like a Robin Regehr. Would be a solid #4 D-man who could free Bogo up to take more chances offensively. Anyone see how he has played lately?

I think some posters are underestimating how much it will take to sign a #4 defenseman whether that be Hainsey or someone else. Yes, there is a budget crunch coming for many teams, but when it comes to top-6 forwards and top-4 defensemen, teams are always willing to pay a little bit extra. And with the lack of quality defensemen available this upcoming offseason, Hainsey will command more than $2 million per year.

I assumed on our bottom pair, we would just use Postma since he has played sedquately so far even though he scares me in our end from time to time.

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