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02-02-2013, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ottawa View Post
IMO, we've mostly played bad teams so far. The only good teams we've played are the sens (blowout) and the NJD (barely beat them). I think we might be a playoff team but we haven't exactly faced good competition either yet so I really don't know.

For me the top tier teams and in no particular order would be:

Flyers (yes, I know they're struggling)
New Jersey
Tampa Bay (because of their offense)

If we can string a few wins against these teams, then IMO we're definitely a playoff team...but as for being contenders, that's a whole different story and still too early to tell.
I wouldn't count the Sens game as a test. Sens we're in banding mode after losing Spezza, Habs might've been distracted by the whole end to the Subban saga (thanks in part to our media) and it was also their first game with the backup goalie which is always a factor. There's always the question of nightly match-ups, as Habs were far worse last season than Ottawa yet managed 4 wins against them last season, two of which were blowouts. Their 1-0 loss against Carolina last night is an example of this.

Tomorrow will be a real test IMO.

As for the teams you listed, expect Ottawa to stumble a bit with the loss of Spezza, not sure they'll make the playoffs. Habs are more well-rounded while Ottawa relies more upon one line. Flyers have the Markov Syndrome which finally kicked in. They have the talent to band together, but their D is atrocious. And finally TB riding a hot streak which I don't expect to last, similarly to NY's cold streak.

NJ is a system's team, they could very well remain steady, but could also start feeling the loss of Parisť.

IMO, I see the Habs, if Markov can stay healthy, battling with NY, NJ, Bos and the Pens for the top 5, while TB, Philly and Ott could very well be on the outside looking in.

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