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02-02-2013, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Shootmaster_44 View Post
If you want to move to LA and have problems with the US immigration route, have you thought about working for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade with the Government of Canada? It may take you a bit to get to Los Angeles, but Canada does have a consulate down there. The biggest catch is you have to be fluent in French to work for DFAIT (I would love to but sadly Je ne comprend pas francais.)

As a foreign diplomat, you wouldn't need the visa from the US government to work in LA. From what I understand, the Canadian consulate is considered sovereign Canadian soil. As a diplomat, your residence (at least the one arranged by the Canadian Government) is also considered sovereign Canadian soil. However, my guess is that you would need to work through some of the more dangerous/less popular DFAIT locations (i.e. the poor African nations and the dangerous countries in the Middle East/Asia) first before you could transfer to a prized location like Los Angeles.

With a BA in Political Science and Economics, even if DFAIT is out you could probably get a decent job with the Canadian Government. Being with the feds, you can transfer around Canada. Might be an idea to look into it and you might be able to land a posting outside of the GTA. Honestly, I would love to move back to Toronto. That's ultimately where I want to go.
Never heard of this until now, will look for sure. Honestly, Toronto is nice, but transit is terrible. At least LA is making changes.

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