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02-02-2013, 08:00 PM
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Wolves trailing 1 - 0 after the first


Haydar Gordon Sweatt

DesBiens Schneider Miller

Archibald Kattelus Davies

DiDiomete Freisen Rodin

DiDiomete is a bit of psycho. Player that bashed Anthony's head into the ice last year.

Vandermeer Matheson

Andersson Joslin

Connauton Hunt

Wolves got plenty of chances. Kattelus had several great chances but pretty much screwed them up. Also Sweatt and Joslin with great chances

Schneider again outstanding on the PK but not so much 5 on 5.

Gordon has gone off the boil. Was great for the last month but looks like he isn't sustaining it.

Goal against came when Haydar and Connauton screwed up.

Good interview with Folingo b/w periods. Cited Andersson, Gordon, Cannata as stepping up. Also spoke about the excellent leadership of Haydar and the vast improvement in the PK. When you look at it these guys have done a decent job in patching things together given the injuries.

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