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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
It's all personal preference, I've used a tonne of different curves and the P14 is one of my favorites, a little strange to say "stay away from this curve" just because it doesn't work for you. It's all about technique, if you shoot from the mid toe and like low lies, you'll probably love the P14, but if you shoot from the mid heel or like high lies, you'll probably hate it.

I'm also a bit surprised that the tac spiral burns your hand, as I've never had that problem with it at all. I'm wondering if you maybe grip the stick a bit loose during shots, so that it slips a bit during hard shots?
Well I shoot from the mid to mid-toe portion and like a higher lie.

I guess it is personal preference, it just seems too much of a hassle for me and one of those things the kids will buy because they think it looks cool.

I'm only getting the tac spiral burning my hands when i'm taking slapshots which is a pain. When I move my hand down the shaft to set up the slapshot that is where it starts to burn real bad haha.

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