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02-02-2013, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveT83 View Post
LR I'm not interested in putting Phil Kessel's needs ahead of the team. In order for Phil Kessel to be successful and make significant contributions to the win/loss column we would need to give up significant assets to fully realize his potential (and cap)

Unless someone can provide me with a realistic plan of how you would build a team around Phil Kessel that does not involve:

Banking on the Hope/Wish/Prayer that a Quality UFA will sign here in the off-season
Mortgaging the Future via Assets traded to help Phil Kessel realize his true potential
Banking on Mid-Level prospects to over-achieve make significant contributions to NHL club

I'm all ears ...
You are correct sir!

We need to stop worrying about trying to build a team around a player who is not a piece to build do so we need a big mean tough winger who can skate and score and a big mean center who can pass the puck like Crosby....or Crosby himself.....otherwise we are wasting time.

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