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02-02-2013, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
It all sounds good to me; seriously, just about all of it.
That includes the idea that Columbus is best served either in a Division with Pittsburgh or Detroit; and that Nashville, regardless of the slight TZ difference, is really the best fit in the SE.

One thing though, what if the Coyotes need to be relocated before the NHL believes Seattle is ready?
Well we can cross that bridge IF and WHEN we come to it.
This assumes that Phoenix is moved and is not going to Seattle.
In this case, it makes sense to just hold off on re-alignment until this is settled.

You just made that case.

Originally Posted by Djp View Post
The 4 confernce solution solves the travel issues.

the travel with the divison may be greater in some circumstance but the overal travel lessened.
Enough with the travel issues. Geez this is obsessed about like the NHL is some intra-mural league and not one of the big four sports leagues.
Seriously no other league is this fixaxted but the NHL and sorry, this is what happens when you have some many teams in Canada and the North American settlement patterns.
It's never going to be equal but it can be better, can some of you people and clubs out there just stop this non-sense?

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