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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Did people not see this?


Go back and read at least the first two or three pages before you make a new topic. It's stupid how frequently new threads have to be merged, locked or deleted because there's an existing similar topic on the first page.

Future instances of creating redundant threads will result in warnings and infractions. It's ridiculous.
Apparently it takes too much effort to read this stickied thread. I've even added some color for emphasis on this point.

We are still deleting threads that have no reason to exist. There must have been four or five different threads dedicated to Stu Bickel. Really?

Before creating a new thread, consider this:

1. Does my thread topic already exist? We have a search function. Use it. This board is comprised of many active posters who don't hesitate to start discussion.

2. Is it worth creating a thread over? Many comments, questions, etc. can fit in a GDT/PGT. They won't create enough responses on their own to warrant a thread.


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