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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
We need to move on from our collective anti-steroid angst. It's largely a crock of bull.

I saw a video on steroids in cycling a while back. They had some cyclists sleeping in a decompressed chamber to simulate higher elevation. Basically, it's ok to train and sleep where there's less oxygen, so as to have more red blood cells, but it's not ok to take PPO. lol.

Creatine is ok. Whey protein is ok. Glutamine is ok. Stanozol? OMG ban this cheater for life !!!
The crock of bull clearly is yours and obviously you don't give a sh.. about what happens to the human guinea pigs. You display both cynicism and total ignorance of physiology and pharmacology. (Do I know more about those subjects than you do? You bet I do!) Steroid administration will help build muscles and increase aggression and, therefore, boost athletic performance, but it has permanent toxic effects on the body. Owners of sports teams should love steroid abuse. It promotes more home runs and touchdowns and goals, etc., which increases attendance. It also shortens lifespan, so pension payments run out sooner. Look at what ARod (Alex Rodriguez) has turned into. He's lucky he has a long term contract even though his body is disintegrating.

Erythropoietin doping to increase blood oxygen content (the Lance Armstrong ploy) is another form of cheating but at least there are no lingering unhealthful effects once it is stopped. So, if you want to inject Desharnais with androsterone to turn him into the Incredible Hulk you have to consider that he'll become prematurely crippled after he retires, with premature hip replacement, for example, and will have a shorter lifespan. It would also destroy his sex life. Now THAT would be tanking to improve the odds of winning the Stanley Cup!

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