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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
In another thread, I forget which one, a poster had dug up an article from the 1990 ASG regarding the Hart favorites. The article mentioned none of Yzerman, Gretzky, or Lemieux among Hart favorites (IIRC it picked LaFontaine, Bourque, Messier) but did specify them as the best players. As I said, I don't recall the specific wording.

In 1987-88, Steve Yzerman was considered the favorite for the Hart trophy when he barreled into the goal post knee-first, ending his regular season.

In particular, I recall an issue of THN (I think) that featured a cover with an image of Yzerman, an image of Lemieux, and an image of Gretzky, and the question "Who's the best?" laid over the images.

In 1988-89, Steve Yzerman outscored Wayne Gretzky at even strength during Gretzky's prime and was only one point behind Lemieux at even strength. He won the Pearson that year.
Sooo. . . in another thread, you throw Messier's two Harts out the window (shouldn't have won) and his Edmonton accomplishments (riding Gretzky's coattails) but now your proof that Steve Yzerman was 'on par' with Gretzky and Lemieux is A) Something you read on a messageboard and B) a magazine cover?

Interesting that you mention the Pearson, though. . . in your complaining about Messier's Hart wins, I was starting to think you forgot that trophy existed

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