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02-03-2013, 12:28 AM
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The Ugly: Not understanding the following...

A.) The obvious: Why Leopold and Myers were put together again.

B.) Why Ott threw the gloves down in the 3rd period... that **** shoulda been done in the 1st or midway through the 2nd. Its obvious Lindy isn't going to do jack **** (timeout, show some anger, or swap goalies) time to take the matters into your own hands dude. You're 3rd in the league in hits, thats great, but wtf man start beating the **** out of some people. (Half joking here) Even if its your own guys. Lets go.

C.) Why is it this team continues to throw up serious duds after big wins? This **** happens every ****ing year. Reminded me of the Easter Day game 6 vs Philly. Enzo wins game 5, we can clinch game 6 and we blew ass that entire game. Score wasn't far off but we had absolutely no sense of urgency to close them out. Outshot 15-1 in the first period? How is that even ****ing possible?

D.) Why people can think Lindy isn't a problem. We had the most turnover between last season to this season than we've had in quite a while. The "cancer" Derek Roy was sent packing. Culture change? Absolutely NOT. Still the same team. Going through the motions, hanging their goalie out to dry. New players? Same results. Same deer in the headlights coach on the bench with his arms folded not knowing what to do. You'd think the guy would be able to take charge and show direction, not just watch his team get their ****ing ***** handed to them all over the ice for 59 minutes and 54 seconds of a game. Its his ****in job to calm them down and get them going. Apparently Lindy said he gave Myers some Advice for his Birthday. Really Lindy? What the **** was that? Mine woulda been Happy Birthday kid. Go back to BUffalo until you can get your **** straight. You're getting $11 million this year and your getting out played by EVERYONE in the league.

E.) Where is the sense of urgency from the higher ups? Put some pressure on these guys. Don't just hand them longer contracts to make them feel even more comfortable than they've been the last 15 years. Hockey Heaven my ass. Maybe for the coaches and the ****** players you throw 5-10 million dollar bonuses to. Not the fans who show up in masses to watch your team perform like a bunch of My Little Ponys on ice.

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