Thread: Advice: Young defenseman help?
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02-02-2013, 11:54 PM
David Strorm
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Skating is a big reason that players wont make it further. If you cant skate you will be deked out, or driven around. Plus as a defenseman, you'll have do it backwards. When you skate, you need to be strong, which is where conditioning comes in. You need to have strong legs so you can skate well, and fast.
Another reason you need conditioning is so that you dont tire out. Its self explanatory.
A third reason would be so you can check hard, and take hits. Youll need to be able to take and keep the puck, either by knocking someone over, or by keeping it from not getting knocked over.
One last reason would be so you can have a hard slap shot. Youll need it.
Heres a good drill:
For conditioning. Ride the bike, Jog, lift weights etc.
Best of luck.

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