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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
Toronto doesn't have to worry about financial problems if a team moves into their backyard. Buffalo does.

Right now Copps is so outdated despite only being 20 years old that it needs major renovations. So a prospective Hamilton owner has to pay for renovations to Copps, then has to lease the arena. Not to mention the fees they'd have to pay Buffalo, and the Leafs will likely jump into that as well because cash is cash.

Hamilton is all but doomed with regards to getting an NHL team. Right now I can only see two places getting a team in Ontario, another in Toronto or one in Kitchener-Waterloo. I can guarentee as long as a new team in Toronto pays MLSE a fee, they'll let them in. Even though building a new arena is expensive and difficult to obtain, at least it would be state of the art.

Kitchener-Waterloo is the other option. It's out of both Buffalo and Toronto's zone, it's (If you include nearby Guelph, which you should) over 600,000 people, and growing much faster. It's got just as much corporate support and is on the 401.

Both have better logistics than Hamilton, and should get teams before Hamilton. If Hamilton doesn't get a team in the next 3 years, they will never get a team.
The Flyers will be helping to pay for those in about 2 months.

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