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02-03-2013, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by scotchex View Post
Most states just have city and county levels of government, with no metro-wide level that encompasses multiple cities and counties.

My understanding was that Canada, or at least Toronto, has a metropolitan level of govt. But I could be wrong.


How different is the Canadian system?
Originally Posted by saskganesh View Post
The Vancouver area still has a Metro gov't (also known as GVRD).
Vancouver doesn't really have a Metro level of gov't. Metro Vancouver is an area made up of a number of cities (Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, etc.). Together, they make up GVRD (now known as "Metro Vancouver"). This is just a regional district. British Columbia is divided into a number of regional districts.

I don't know the US system well enough, but to me regional districts would be the equivalent to counties. Metro Vancouver doesn't have its own separate level of government.

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