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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
The point was, whether it be by desire or otherwise, they weren't ready to take on a hockey team, but someone said "yes" to somebody and it happened. Not enough people did their due diligence. They should've been in that Nashville-round of expansion.

Full disclosure: No, I don't know the full story of what other markets were seriously in the mix. From what I see, Phoenix shouldn't have been. That's not to say it shouldn't have ever happened, but the fouled-up timing is in part responsible for the situation they're currently in. Would be interested if you have a link though
I can tell you from personal experience.

My first Coyotes game was a 4 pack deal on my birthday. It was my dad, mom, my friend and myself. We couldn't see half the rink, even after standing on the seats that were in the last row of AWA.

It was not a hockey venue, at all.

Why the NHL was brought here at AWA, I don't know. Colangalo presentedis, something, but I'm not at liberty to argue for that. I recently became a huge Coyotes fan while I was attending college.

Tonight I attended my first game in the upper bowl(I've only attended games in the lower bowl at, and I didn't miss any action. I honestly prefered that seat compared to the lower bowl because I didn't have to look at the jumbotron when the play was at the other side of the arena.

Reality is, most of the money is on the East side of the valley. Scottsdale would have done very well if they wanted the team, but unfortunately Glendale wanted the team.

Look, I'm a kid from Prescott/Flagstaff, that attended 6 games regularly each season. I've attended my 3rd game already this season, and will easily surpass 6 games this seasons, even with a shortened season. I live in the west valley, only about 20 minutes from the arena now.

I'm tired of people saying there isn't a fan base in Phoenix, because there is. One of the biggest problems is the location of the arena though.

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