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Originally Posted by WojtekGoalski View Post
Dream lineup that could go to battle against the best in the league in a 7 game series. Interested to see the reaction of the other armchair GMs since I got ridiculed for proposing the exact same move but for pieces that would cost significantly less than Weiss. Cue the "51 pointZzzz! Stepan is not a 3Comg!!?!
You need to pay attention more when people respond to you.

People are not saying Derek Stepan is the next Brad Richards or even that he is going to be a better NHLer at the end of his career than say....Patrick Sharp. But the way you go after him is disgusting, it is quite honestly painful reading your posts. He is 22 years old. No one (at least I wasn't) as adamantly opposed to a Jussi Jokinen or an Antropov (though again they would not even be my 3rd choice) but you were the one bringing stepan into the debate for no reason. You were trying to justify how they would be upgrades over Stepan when they simply are not. They aren't. And they are much older players with more years in this league to boot. No one here is giddy over stepan because he put up 51 points. Read the damn posts. People here are simply saying you have stepan on an ELC who's stats have increased from year one to year two, he is 22 years old, with leadership qualities, has been successful on multiple levels, good playmaking ability, a pretty smart player overall, responsible, and fits the rangers system to a T. Yes he has struggled but there should not be one fan here packing his bags in a trade. He has a lot of promise. You were the one who brought up antropov and jokinen's stats. The posters here simply mentioned the 51 points in addition to all the other benefits listed above to stepan's game to disprove you that there is no upgrade with the players you so desire.

And thus far:

Stepan: 5 points in 8 GP

Antropov: 3 points in 8 GP
J.Jokinen: 0 points in 7 GP

What's the excuse this year? Because in the last two pages you proclaimed he rode "shotgun" to gaborik last season (when he absolutely did not). And that's with young Derek struggling. (Yes I'm going to call him young derek just to make you feel even more like an imbecile). He played with Pyatt and Hagelin tonight. Is he riding "shotgun" to them? Just stop. Give another topic a try to gain back some credibility of knowledge and respect. And I'm being serious with that, been around here for years, it's okay to admit you're wrong, it is more respectable than fighting a fight that you will not win endlessly.

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