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02-03-2013, 01:42 AM
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He has potential, I don't expect him to reach it. If a first rounder really was on the table for him and that deal wasn't taken it was a big blunder. I have been saying things of this extent for quite a while, it's not new that I feel this way.

With him, it's not about talent, because he has the talent. My problem with him is that he lets in an abnormal amount of goals that I'd expect any starting (and most backup) goaltender in this league to stop. It isn't about not having the vision to see the puck, I honestly think it's a lack of focus and possibly even fundamentals. I'm trying not to nitpick, but goal #6 in particular never should have happened and I cannot understand how it did. That is one of numerous times over the past few years where Bernier has not reacted to a shot in any way and had the puck inexplicably fly past him. It is one thing to not be able to get to pucks on difficult shots, it is another to be there and for the puck to go in anyway. That is a massive red flag with regard to his potential as a starting goaltender IMO.

He also doesn't make it easier on himself by demanding trades over a lack of playing time. He has never earned more playing time, nor has he ever put in a performance or effort that screamed of an attempt to win more playing time. My opinion is that if the season started when it was supposed to he'd already be gone, so I'm not going to be too critical of how his situation has been handled, but he should have been traded in the offseason and it was a mistake not to.

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